Special Prayers

ssc 2005 upclose

Father of Graces

Father of all sinners who always helps us in our lives, we want to thank you for giving us the chance to come to this country of opportunity.  Keep extending your arms to us and protect our children from harm while continuing to keep them healthy.  Help all the leaders in the government and society to keep peace in the world.  We ask that you keep all people close to your church and infinite thanks for what you provide to all of us, each and every day.



Together We Call

Father, your arms are open to everyone.
Give us your blessing and grace
that we as sinners ask for.
We all call out – 
processionViva SS. Crocifisso!
Father, you are the healer of the sick.
You make the blind see, the deaf hear
and the mute speak.
We call you -Father of Grace.
Forgive our sins and with all our hearts we say –
Viva SS. Crocifisso!